The Introduction of Tri-Elements Petroleum Products Inc.

TEPP (Tri-Elements Petroleum Products Inc.) is a key player providing drilling rigs, drilling rig components, work-over rigs, pumping units, drilling bits, and other oil equipments in the U.S. market. Our company has a strong connection with the two major petroleum equipment manufactures in China. TEPP President Zhang Lei also serves as the vice-president of China General Chamber of Commerce. TEPP has a warehouse and service department located in Odessa. TEPP also offers a three year warranty on pumping units; our service department provides the best service at anytime. Your satisfaction is guaranteed with our high quality petroleum products, reliable services, and very competitive prices.

The Introduction of Mr. Zhang Lei

Mr. Zhang Lei is from Shandong China. He is the president of Shandong Fellowship Association of Southern USA, the executive president of Global Chinese Petroleum Entrepreneur and the president of Tri-Elements Petroleum Products Inc. Tri-Elements Petroleum Products Inc. is engaged in the manufacturing and sales of petroleum equipment, as well as the investment and development of US oil and natural gas.

Mr. Zhang Lei is enthusiastic about public welfare, and actively participates in Houston Chinese community activities. As president of Shandong Fellowship Association of Southern USA, he directs the organization towards making a positive contribution to society.

Since 2009 as the executive president of Global Chinese Petroleum Entrepreneur, Mr. Zhang Lei has successfully hosted multiple sessions of the "US-China Oil Companies Cooperation Forum” with participation from the government of Texas; Houston Grand Chamber of Commerce; and the China Petroleum and Petrochemical Equipment Industry Association in Houston, USA and Beijing, China. These sessions serve as a bridge to China’s private oil and energy companies in order to foster cooperation and development, build a platform for the international market, and promote the opportunity for China's private oil industry to invest in the US oil and energy industry.

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