ZJ70/4500D 2000HP DC Drilling Rig

ZJ70D drilling rig is designed and manufactured in accordance with China National Standard SY5609-1999 “Type and Basic Parameters of Oil Drilling Rig” and International Standards. All main components are in compliance with API Specifications. This kind of drilling rig is suitable for drilling exploration and development oil and nature gas well in depth rating of 7000 meters (23,000ft)with 114mm (4-1/2”) drill pipe.

The main features:
- Fully meet 7000 meter (23,000ft ) drilling process requirements; 
- Drawworks, Rotary table and Mud pumps are driven by DC motors.
- This drilling rig mainly consists of crown block, traveling block, hook, swivel, rotary table, drawworks, mud pumps, mast and substructure that all are in compliance with API specifications.
- drawworks is machined with lebus grooving, to be equipped with Crown-O-Matic switch.
- Independent rotary table driven by one suitable DC motor with speed reducer.
- Integrated sling shot type substructure. All equipment on the drill floor is installed at lower position. Utilize power of drawworks to raise both mast and substructure to the right position.

Main Technical Parameters of ZJ70D Drilling Rig:
  • Rig nominal Drilling capacity:   5” DP  6,000m (20,000ft)
                                                          4-1/2” DP  7,000m (23,000ft)
  • Max. hook loads                             4,500kN (1,000,000lbs)
  • Max. drawworks input:                  2,000HP
  • Drawworks hoisting Speeds         Four steps, step-less change
  • Max. Hoisting lines                         12 lines
  • Drilling line diameter :                      38mm (1 1/2”)
  • Mast height & type                          K-type, 45.5m (149.28ft )
  • Substructure type                          sling shot
  • Drill floor height:                             10.5m (34.5ft)
  • Substructure Clear height              9m (29.5ft)
  • Opening diameter of rotary table:  952.5mm(37-1/2”)
  • Steps of rotary table:                     single, step-less change
  • Driving mode                                  AC-SCR-DC 
  • No. of DC motors                           9(two for drawworks, one for R-table, six for mud pump)
  • Mud pump:                                     Three F-1600, 1176kw(1600HP)×3         
  • Standard three coat epoxy paint system consisting of:

Blast to near white metal (SSPC-10)
Zinc rich primer (3 mils D.F.T.)
Epoxy intermediate coat (4 mils D.F.T.)
Urethane top coat (2 mils D.F.T.) in customer’s color.

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